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How to Make Money
in the Home Based Salvage
and Recycling Business

Make Money Now! Join the many folks who are learning to make a living in the salvage and recycling business starting with little or no cash.

"You can become self-sufficient and earn the
money you need to live the life you want and more."

Hi! I'm Mike Meuser. And that's a bold claim up there -- I know. But stick with me...

If you are tired of trying all the "get rich schemes on the Internet" and wish someone would show you a STABLE, reliable way to make money...

Then this manual and site were created just for you. Here's the story...

Please Read This First - This eBook is only the beginning. There is no cookie-cutter, no one-size-fits-all, no blueprint, no step by step plan that will work for everyone. Every individual is different and every place is different - an opportunity for one is not necessarily an opportunity for others AND opportunities are constanly changing - they come and go, appearing here, disappearing there. The eBook is just the beginning. With it you have full access to me for as long as you need it. Ask me questions and I will answer them and give you all the help and guidance that I can towards your success in this business.

What How to Make Money in the Home Based
Salvage and Recycling Business
is NOT

This needs to be said right up front so I will make it very clear.

  • This is not a make-money-at-home manual that someone bought online and is reselling.

  • It is not a get-rich-quick-blueprint, step-by-step one size fits all fantasy that was dreamt up by someone whose only purpose is to make them money.

  • It is not a knock-off of some similar product that you will see offered over and over again on Ebay and other places on the internet.

What I am offering to you and will talk about in the eBook, is my experience at becoming an economic survivor (and more) over the last several decades in the salvage and recycling business. It is the distillation of my successes and failures that have kept me and my family going, and going well, while not having a job, and beginning with virtually no resources. It is a wonderful opportunity for those seeking a viable successful home-based business.

This information cannot be found online or in any book though bits and pieces of some of it may be found here and there. Indeed, I got my start by reading a now out of print booklet titled, "Surplus & Salvage." This book provided the catalyst that I needed to learn more about the business and, ultimately, change my life. My hope is that my eBook becomes a catalyst for you and your successful endeavors.

How to Make Money in the Home Based Salvage and Recycling Business is about success and failure. They say that success is never giving up. In that regard, at least, I am a success. I made it and lost it more times than you may believe and I sometimes care to remember -- it's been a lot of very hard work. But for all the work there have been many successes. My book will help you because you can learn from my experience and change your own success to failure ratio, winning many more times than losing.

You have made a good start by coming to this website. It shows that you are concerned about your future and willing to take steps to improve it. I have included a few examples below that will "whet your appetite" for the future that can be yours.

Work it Fulltime or Partime

For many years I worked at the business fulltime. I came to realize that through my efforts I was not only doing good for myself and my family, but for the community and, in a general sense, the earth.

Once you get into this, you'll see what I mean. You'll also see the tremendous amount of waste that our society generates. Through our efforts a little less goes into the landfills, a little less is mined, a few less trees are cut, a little less hazardous waste is generated, a little less pollution is created ... use your imagination.

As I got into salvage and recycling I realized how much "material" of all sorts and descriptions was dumped, discarded, burned, buried ... I realized the production, consumption and destruction of most everything I saw had a toxic chemical and energy aspect to it. The more I salvaged, recycled and reused, the less toxics and energy needed to be produced.

The point is that you can make this business suit your needs -- full-time, part-time, stay small, grow, home based -- you only work it as much as you want or need to. Make it fit with your interests, other income earning things you do or reinvent yourself as a recycling, salvage and reuse entrepreneur -- the choice is yours.

The potential is there to make a near unlimited income if you work hard at it. The potential is also there to live a simple yet fulfilling life without working all that much. The choice is yours -- like it ought to be, don't you think?.

Salvage and Recycling Success Stories

Over 20 years ago, around the time of the first housing boom in California, I found myself divorced, jobless, child support to pay, a non-homeowner and with a new family to support. Things were tough. My wife, kids, two cats and I ended up camping for several months before finding a small 2 room cabin to rent in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. But once there, things changed for the better. This is where I learned that asking questions and being a good listener really pays off. In short, we persevered and we were always able to make it -- sometimes making it really big.

For instance, the Recycling and Salvage business provided the income to purchase two wonderful victorian apartment buildings and a home in Northern California. This all within two years from the time we began camping. Here are a few of my "deals" that got us from a tent to a victorian:

  • Would you believe that I bid so low on one item hoping that I would not get it, ended up getting it, and making $60,000 off of it? I did, but I nearly missed it. This is a true alchemist's dream -- turning lead into "gold." In the manual you will learn about this and also about the many ounces of real gold I recovered from electronic and telecommunications equipment.

  • I was paid $50 to haul away a classic 1947 1-1/2 ton GMC truck. It took me less than a day and $100 to turn it into a work truck that I used for several years. I eventually sold it to a collector for $4,000. In another case, I traded salvaged items that cost me less than $50 for a very nice modern 3-1/2 ton flatbed truck -- another work truck. I used it to haul hundreds of tons of material over several years and then sold it for $3,500.

  • How I got a commercial espresso machine for $2 and sold it the same day for hundreds more than I paid for it.

  • How I traded something that cost me $8 for a 3-1/2 ton flatbed truck that I used in my business for years and then resold for $3,500.

  • How I got a 14 foot oak sailboat for a few dollars, spent a weekend sanding, filling, painting and finally -- sailing it -- and sold it to a very eager buyer for $1,800 cash (I always wonder what it was really worth).

  • In a recent library sale I found an original signed and annotated-by-the-author first edition of a 140 year old book -- a classic in its field. Unsigned first editions of this book are going for between $1,600 and $1,800 if you can find one at all. Recently only photocopied reprints are available at $150 each!

  • How I literally raised the cash overnight to purchase a used $4,000 forklift with a buy-back guarantee.

I will include free email consultation for life (yours or mine, whichever comes first). I'm not guaranteeing that I'll always have the answers , but most of the time I will be able to at least point you in the right direction.

Some Highlights

  • How to bootstrap your business without going into debt.

  • How to get your salvage for free or for pennies on the dollar. (In some cases you will be paid to take the material away).

  • How to find the best price in the least amount of time.

  • The tools and equipment you will need -- many easily fabricated.

  • Information based on my experience in salvage, recycle and reuse in the following areas:

    • Construction and building materials

    • Deconstruction and recycled lumber

    • Farm and ranch equipment and supplies

    • Heavy equipment salvaging for high value parts

    • Scrap metal - ferrous and non-ferrous

    • Electronic, communication, and computer scrap and recycling

    • Salvage for alternative energy systems

    • Antiques and collectibles

    • Promoting and marketing

    • Always treating everyone with fairness and respect and not profiting from the misfortune of others - ways to create win-win situations for ALL parties involved.

  • How to deal with scrap and recycling dealers and brokers.

  • Innovative businesses you can start using various salvaged materials.

  • How to arrange transportation, interim storage, cheap yard space without dealing with high cost commercial operators.

  • How to be paid for your work before you ever start.

  • How to get the equipment and tools you need.

  • How to stay solvent and operate on a cash basis.

  • Plus you will always receive helpful responses from me to your email questions and queries.

Hi Mike

I'm from New Zealand, I find your stories of real life experiences of failures to successes, absolutely overwhelming, turning scrap into fortune, I would most certainly like to follow your footsteps.

You're a legend,
Kind regards
L.C. New Zealand

This Works in Good Times and Bad Times

This works in good times and bad. In fact, in many cases, there are more opportunities during "rough" economic times like we are now experiencing. This is a way to insulate yourself and your loved ones from the economic "roller-coaster," take charge of your life and have some power in and control over your future by learning how to recycle equipment, metal, lumber, building materials, jewelry, gold, computer scrap and more.

Can I Buy This Book in Bookstores?

How to Make Money in the Home Based Salvage and Recycling Business is only available directly from me as an eBook and it will remain this way for the foreseeable future. I decided to do it this way for several reasons. I wanted some control over the distribution, but more than that, I wanted to maintain contact with all of you. Also, an e-book is easily modified and updated to reflect your comments and insights and anything new that I learn.

NO ONE has the resale rights to this eBook.
This is the only source -- It is, in fact, my story.
It is unique and one-of-a-kind.


First off thank you for passing on your knowledge of the recycling industry unto me. You've helped me think outside the box on many things. I just received the updated pdf. Thanks for the detailed update. I was praying for the day that I find a person such as yourself to act as a mentor, someone who is selling his experience and not just a product. The manual that I purchased is the wisest investment that I've made all year. I also have a few more questions if you don't mind answering them...

OMG...that was the quickest response I've EVER had. Thank you so much, it makes more sense now... Terry D. Colorado, USA

What You Get

How to Make Money in the Home Based Salvage and Recycling Business itself is over 70 pages of pure information - no fillers like photos, graphs and tables to take up space - pure text only. But that's not all. The eBook itself will grow over time as I update it and add new material. I'll always be on hand to answer your questions by email as best I can.

How to Make Money in the Home Based Salvage
and Recycling Business: Table of Contents


Thank You and Introduction

1. Electronic, Computer and Telecommunications
    1.1. Visiting the sites
    1.2. Research
    1.3. Bootstrapping
        1.3.1. Bartering for equipment
        1.3.2. Outsourcing yard space and hauling
        1.3.3. Finding buyers and cash
    1.4. Salvage Work Begins
        1.4.1. Containers for scrap sorting and hauling
        1.4.2. Onsite work
        1.4.3. Loads arrive in yard
    1.5. Winding up the on-site work
    1.6. Working through material
        1.6.1. Marketing
        1.6.2. Precious metal - choosing a refiner
        1.6.3. Precious metal - refining yourself
        1.6.4. Remove gold from plated material
   Disclaimer and health
   Plated gold
   Gold plate removal system
   Equipment and Supplies
   Safety equipment
    1.7. Conclusion

2. Deconstruction
    2.1. Starting out
    2.2. Steel water tank and tower - bonus railroad rails
    2.3. Old commercial buildings
    2.4. Barns, farms and ranch structures and equipment

3. Industrial Salvage and Reuse
    3.1. Commercial knitting machines
    3.2. Valves

4. Scrap Metal, Salvage and Reuse
    4.1. Hauling scrap metal on percentage not for me
    4.2. Road grader and bulldozer
    4.3. '47 GMC truck and a sprint car
    4.4. Winter storms bring recycling profits

5. Ranch and Farm Scrap
    5.1. Aluminum irrigation pipe and sprinklers
    5.2. Old farm implements and machinery

6. Thrift Store Treasures`

7. The Crown Jewel of Surplus and Salvage

8. Pawn Shop Profits. Why Sell for Pennies Instead of Dollars?

9. Alternative Energy Salvage and Reuse

10. Bootstrapping Examples

11. Miscellaneous Deals
    11.1. Used hardwood flooring
    11.2. Free vehicles
        11.2.1. Subaru powered VW Westfalia camper van
        11.2.2. Diesel powered Winnebago LeSharo RV
        11.2.3. Swapped a table saw for a 280Z sports car
    11.3. Woodworking equipment
        11.3.1. Wood lathe
        11.3.2. Shopsmith Mark V
    11.4. Desktop computers for free

12. Turn Over Your Material Quickly

13. Problems with Specialization

14. Learning More and Staying Connected

15. Conclusion

3. Periodic Updates

As I go through my notes, come across new opportunities, learn new things myself and respond to your quesions I'll be adding new updates to the manual. These will be added to the blog and website.

4. My Help is Available to You 24/7

Email me and I'll respond to your questions as promptly as possible. If the answer seems as if it would be of benefit to all users, I may use it as a basis for an update. Any questions or comments anytime - I look forward to hearing from and helping you succeed.

There is no magic bullet!

This is not an instant-follow-step-by-step-blueprint get rich quick scheme. If anyone tries to sell you something like that beware. If you are looking for that sort of thing, you should look elsewhere. The ebook that you will purchase is a beginning - it's a starting point. It's a framework of ideas and processes that have worked for me. Your situation and circumstances are different from mine and different from other members as well. I'd like to help you with the details and specifics that will put you on the path to success in the business. I'll do my best to point you in the right direction. If you ask questions, I will answer you directly as best as I can. Also, if you ask questions or make comments, I will move that subject to the top of my priority list and address those first. So, if you have anything that you would like help with or would like to know more about, let me know and I'll address it as soon as possible. I will post a notice on the blog about any new material that is posted here. I will email you as well. You get out of this what you put into it.

Don't wait, do it right now, and begin your salvage and recycling journey Today!

I can't wait to start working with you!

To your salvage and recycling success!

Mike Meuser

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